Pet Stain Treatment McMurray, AB

We all love the pet friends around us but this love needs some big responsibilities. Accidents can happen and a professional cleaning service in your town can help you to fix the accidents with your lovely friends.


Some traditional cleaners just clean the surface of the carpet. They only clean the visible part of the animal waste, deodorize it and eliminate the pat stain on a temporary basis. Such methods are not a long-lasting solution and it does not fix the most important part, which is under the visible part of the carpet. While washing the surface of the carpet, urine which goes deep down in the carpet just gets wet and it makes the smell come back, stronger than before.

At YMM Pros, we have the aim to completely remove the stain and odor from the carpet’s depths with a pressure wash. We have permanent solutions for you instead of a temporary one. That is why you can rely on us.

With our unique process, we remove the urine from the carpet and padding. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with this process to our clients. We have the latest and the best equipment to remove pet stains and odors.

First, we flood the area with a neutralizer for urine and absorb it from the carpet and padding. Then we flood the area with natural odor control and this absorbs the extra liquid from the carpet. Afterward, a pet urine removing solution is applied to the yellow stain. In the end, we steam clean the area with high-pressure water to remove the odor and make your carpet clean and fresh.


After this process, your stain and odor problem will be resolved. So, if your pet is going on with little accidents, do not worry as we are just one call away.

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