Strip and Wax Flooring McMurray, AB

Do the floors in your house and commercial space looked dull and worn? Even with the most careful daily floor maintenance and cleaning, you can see the floor beginning to lose its luster and shine. Because the floor covers most of the area of a facility it has a very large effect on the overall atmosphere of the house and workspace.
Luckily there is a solution. A floors strip and backs cleaning can help you to bring the floor back into its new shape. Stripping and waxing the floor can keep them look clean, professional, and fresh. The scratched, dirty, and the dingy floor does not only misrepresent you, your home, and your business, but it can also lead you towards safety hazards as well.
So, if you need any advice on whether your floors need a strip or wax cleaning, YMM Pros are there to help you.

So basically what we are talking about here? What is stripping and waxing?

Stripping is about removing the layers of debris, dirt, finishing, and old waxy buildup on your floor. This step is crucial before the refinishing of the flooring.

Waxing is the layers of flooring to reapply on your floor after the stripping process. This thing protects the non-finished product.

This service is not applied to all kinds of flooring but some specific ones including tile, vinyl, epoxy, acrylic, and linoleum.

So why would you want to strip and wax the flooring at your home or workspace?

Stripping and waxing the flooring for commercial and residential floors can protect the flooring and extends this lifetime stop this process protects them from scratches, declaration, stains, and other damage.

At YMM Pros, we have a team of experts who are trained for performing a complete stripping and waxing process on your floors to make them look clean and new.

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