Tiles and Grout Plus Seal McMurray, AB

For improving the condition of the floor in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or kitchen, you might be looking for a professional cleaning service in your surroundings. It is sure that with excellent tiles and grout cleanup with sealing can make your floor look spotless. At YMM Pros, we offer services with extreme precision. So, if you are looking for grout and tile cleaning and sealing services, look no more as we are your ultimate choice.

Why Choosing Us?

YMM Pros comes with a solution for your tiles and grout problems. We offer top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer services. We use professional and unique methods to ensure safe cleaning of your floors and make them look clean and new. Choosing YMM Pros, you won’t regret for even a second. We do not have any hidden charges but we present the cost upfront and do not charge a dime more.
We understand that cleaning grout lining and bringing the tiled floor back to new is very difficult. So, before replacing the tiled flooring, give us a chance to show you that how we can make your floor look brand new with our team of professional technicians.
Different tiles types need different cleaning methods. Tiles made with ceramic and porcelain are less prone to scratches and are not much damaged as others. Use of brushed and mops with strong cleaning solution for such tiles can make them clean.
On other hand, marble tiles have scratches more visible and they are less resilient. A balanced cleaning solution with soft brushes are used to clean such tiles.

Steps for Tile and Grout Cleaning

1. A solution is applied on tile and grout to rest for few minutes.

2. Then we wash and extract dirt and oils from the tiles and grout.

3. We dry the floor with high speed air movers.

4. We seal the grout as per your consultation.

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